Metalize Your World!!!

Last October, I took Ten Seconds Studio’s Certification Workshop. It was an awesome, intense, CREATIVE, make your eyes red from no sleep kind of workshop! I couldn’t wait to go home and start to “metalize” my world. Cheryl handmade our certificates…

Oh! I got to meet Megan and Cheryl! (This is a big deal for those of you who haven’t been introduced to their videos, they have a serious cult following!) Cheryl taught the certification course and she is AWESOME! They were getting ready to film their Halloween Taco Tuesday video and we got a “sneak peak” at Hell’s Kitchen….

Here’s a peek at some of the projects…

This was a wooden art case that we had to “metalize”. It was my first time to use Modge Podge. I think I love that stuff!!! The front…..

And the back. I love that paper!

This was originally an M&M tin!

PMC silver jewelry, yes we did that too! I was hot to buy a kiln after that….

This was our shadow box project. We used the mini canvases featured in many of the Taco Tuesday videos…SO COOL! Of course I had to throw some Tim Holtz in there. Aren’t those molds awesome?

Of course, we had to cover ALL the surfaces with metal. Love that mold!

Cheryl signed all of our pieces with her “signature”. Words to live by.

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