My Smash journal….

After I saw the EK Success video for the new Smash Journals I was inspired! I have a bunch of old notebooks that I needed to put to use, so I made my own….

I love this Graphic 45 paper…

Now, to make myself write in it regularly!  I am so bad about that! I like the idea of just jotting things down, maybe attaching a card that I received from an old friend, notes about things that my kids said or did,  maybe add a photo, newspaper clipping, instead of a full scrapbook page that I may not get to for years…I read somewhere that in my lifetime I will never have time to scrapbook the pictures that I already have, let alone ones that I haven’t taken yet.  Journaling like this will make me feel like I am doing something and leaving little pieces of me…

2 thoughts on “My Smash journal….

  1. How awesome! Two creative chicks in the same house! I still have some of my journals/scrapbooks when I was little. The kids love to look at them!


  2. i liked reading about your rendition of the smash journal. i got an email from michaels arts and crafts advertising about the smash journal and the accessories they sold to go with it and went out the next morning and bought it. i got home and my daughter who is 7 said she had to do it too. i couldnt afford to buy another journal so i gave her a lavender journal i had been hanging on to and said smash away. she hasnt stopped yet! it has turned out to be a great bonding experience for us both!


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