Digital Scrapping….begin at the beginning

“Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” —Alice in Wonderland

I appreciated digital scrapping and have attempted some simple layouts, but my PSE software is Greek to me. I watched a few tutorials  and learned enough to make a few pages, but I am the person who likes to read the instructions from front to back. When I start in the middle I feel scattered and disorganized. I found the beginning when I found the video tutorials on the Scrapper’s Guide website ! It is basically PSE digital scrapping for dummies. I NEEDED to know what all the tricks and techniques were, I am not a drag and drop digital  scrapper. I love scrapping with paper, but learning how to do all the digital tricks has opened a whole new creative window for me!   There is a charge for the classes, but you get a discount if you join as a Premier member. I just paid for the classes. I am a huge fan of Club Scrap and have enough digital kits to keep me busy for a long time, though the digital scrapbook kits offered on the Scrapper’s Guide site are fabu! The classes can be accessed repeatedly or downloaded and there is also a PDF file for each.  This is a huge plus for me, I gotta SEE it. It is so nice to have the instructions printed out to follow along while you’re working. Club Scrap has some fantastic digital tutorials on their site, but you really need a working knowledge of PSE to attempt the projects. I can’t wait to apply all my new knowledge so that I can tackle those advanced projects!

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