Beau’s Baptism Card


My niece was  baptized today!  She wore the christening gown that my 86 year old Memaw handmade for me 42 years ago. I have a house full of boys. Maybe one day I’ll have granddaughters who will wear it. It was definately made with love.

Sweet girl…she smiled the whole time.


Of course the gift I am in the process of making for her isn’t ready (I am famous for this!), so I made her a card for the occasion…


I made my own iris folding template! I am so proud! I drew the christening gown outline and with the help of the instructions on the Simplicity of Iris Folding site,  I made my template. IMG_1142 IMG_1144

Big feat for me…cutting out the design with a craft knife!

I used the metallic opal vellum paper from the  Club Scrap Vogue kit and the blue cardstock is from the Lotus Pond kit. I made the quilled roses…it’s been a long time since I have done it! I used pearl metallic fabric paint for the faux pearls.




I uh, forgot to ink the edges…I masked it with my cut out. It worked. It would have looked better if I had done it before I finished though!

I have designed a quillling piece that I am making for her gift. Maybe I’ll have it finished before HER children are baptized!

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