Club Scrap Die Cutter’s Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Club Scrap Die Cutters Blog Hop!  Get ready  to see some awesome projects using a variety of die cutting machines and fabulous Club Scrap paper.

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I just bought the Cricut cartridge Everyday Pop Up Cards,  and this was the perfect opportunity for me to rip open the box and start creating.  I immediately stuck the cart in my machine and chose an image to cut. I am used to making cards with the Just Because cartridge and usually use the Fit to Page feature,  if I’m not using my Gypsy. Hmmmm…. FTP didn’t work. The images ended up being huge and *GASP*  I wasted two sheets of my precious CS paper!  Before I screwed up anything else, I Googled the cart looking for some instructional videos. Turns out I wasn’t the only one having trouble with the cartridge. I found Crafting with Katie’s blog and a video tutorial making a pop up card! She used her Gypsy to figure out the correct sizes of her images…duh!  Club Scrap’s monthly kit for May is Papillion (butterfly in French…*WINK*). I was inspired by one of CS’s members, Marilyn, who posted a 3-D butterfly card in CS’s forum. I decided to make a card using  the butterfly image… IMG_1192

I really liked the CS stamp “Beautiful Soul” from March 2011 and opted to use that instead of one of the die cuts in the cartridge handbook.


I wanted to make a 3-D butterfly for the front of the card, so I cut the butterfly images three times on vellum paper. I cut the overlay image  too and used cardstock from the Raku kit, also from March 2011.  The other cardstock is from the May 2011 Papillion kit.

 IMG_1188 IMG_1195

I love my Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive for gluing all the layers I cut with the Cricut! IMG_1193

The tricky part was trying to figure out how to adhere the pop up. I scored the pop up tab at each notch and had to play with it for a while to figure out “which way was up”! IMG_1198 IMG_1199 IMG_1201

I wanted the card to open left to right, not up and down. It took a little wrangling, but it ended up working like I wanted. IMG_1202 IMG_1203

Marilyn’s instructions were to “Peel adhesive off of one left wing and one right wing. Adhere. Repeat. You should have 3 butterflies stuck together. The center one has both wings attached to one other. Each one on the end has only 1 wing attached. Now peel off the last two pieces of adhesive and stick onto your original image on the card, matching exactly. Fluff the wings and you’re good to go.” So I trimmed the antennae off two of the butterflies and glued them together… IMG_1204 IMG_1205

I love how it turned out…first try!  And of course, Stickles for bling! IMG_1207 IMG_1210 IMG_1211 IMG_1212   Oooohhh!!! I wanted to share this too… I made a light box for taking photographs for my blog. My craft room light is too “yellow” and I wanted the pictures to be brighter without having to photograph them in daylight. I bought some foam board and improvised, after I saw one on the internet for $75. Five pieces of foam board and some packing tape, less than $20.00. I rarely have to use my flash either.   IMG_1217 IMG_1218

Thanks for looking and be sure to scroll back to the top for the next blog hop link!

17 thoughts on “Club Scrap Die Cutter’s Blog Hop!

  1. Love your card, your instructions and the extra about your light box. Everything is wonderful! I'm going to play today, and with 2 butterfly posts in this hop, I'm going for them! Beautiful work.


  2. Wow! You really worked it out! The butterfly is stunning and popping one up on the inside is like a little present! Also appreciate knowing about the process and how you figured things out. Very helpful.


  3. Oh my gosh! Your project is outstanding and equally beautiful. Plus all of your descriptions and details were fascinating as well. Thank you so much.



  4. this pop-up card is fantastic, oh now I want that cartridge! Great directions and it turned out oh so pretty! And the light box idea, thanks!! you should see my “set-up”, not so great!


  5. Yes, the light box is a great tool. I am a huge fan of pop-ups and this one is great. The butterflies are so light and airy. You've done them proud.


  6. Wendy, Your project came out beautifully.
    I am so grateful for you step by step directions, I know that I will be back when
    I attempt to do something similiar.


  7. It seems that more than a couple of us had butterflies in our creative heads this week. I almost used this very same idea of Marilyn's on my post! Great step by step and thanks for the lightbox idea…i need to make one of those for sure.


  8. This project is absolutely stunning! You put your heart and soul into each of your blog posts and this one is no exception! The card is stunning and the use of die cuts is exceptional. Love your step outs. And what a fantastic photo box to capture your artwork in! Great job!


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