i am a sewing machine

Now that my children are older (and I have time), I have so many things that I want to learn how to do!  My Grandmother is a wonderfully talented seamstress and I strive to be like her one day. She taught me some simple hand stitches when I was a little girl. I can still hem a pair of pants with a straight stitch and sew on a button. I bought my first sewing machine in November 2012. Slowly, I’m teaching myself to sew. Thank God for Youtube!  My first project was a set of placemats and napkins for Thanksgiving. I was sweating and crying the night before, but I finished them! And they looked “purty durn” good!
I got the fever and bought myself a sewing table for Christmas. Since I had everything out and ready, I needed a sewing machine cover. That plastic thing that came with it went straight into the trash!  Of course I had to reference Pinterest for ideas….
I found this pattern by Bari J Ackerman. I love her fabric designs!  I found some fabric at my local Hobby Lobby that I loved, but wouldn’t freak out if I screwed it up. And made this…..
I also had to make the dress form pincushion that I saw on theDIYdish.com.
Everything just kind of blossomed from there. A yoga bag for my sister…
A hobo bag for me… I didn’t love the fabric, but it really turned out cute. It’s my junk bag for travel.
And the mother lode project…..Mardi Gras Ball costumes, and I used a pattern!
A-Greecey-Night-in-Rome-LO1 A-Greecey-Night-in-Rome-LO2
Self-binding baby blankets, these are going to be my signature baby gift from now on.
Baby Blankets 011
Easter presents for the nieces…
ASH Baseball 002 
ASH Baseball 004

And…I’m caught up for now! Three projects in the works and tons of ideas for new ones. And sew on and sew on…..

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