Burlap Door Decor

Burlap Door Decor


Last football season I made burlap door “wreaths” to raise money for my son’s high school football team. Pinterest was such an inspiration! Such great talent and ideas out there. I made football shaped wreaths during football season and a couple of baseballs during baseball season.  Once I started making them and the orders started rolling in, I started to personlize them.  I kinda pooped myself out after all that and didn’t make any this year. I’m ready to make something for myself  for this baseball season! Here are some from last year…

Burlap Door Decor 001 Burlap Door Decor 003

002    Burlap Door Hangar 012Burlap Door Hangar 010

Then it blossomed…


ASH vs. Airline 002

ASH Pineville Game 001 (2) ASH Pineville Game 001 ASH Pineville Game 003 ASH Pineville Game 006 ASH Pineville Game 007 ASH vs. Peabody 2012 001 ASH vs. Peabody 2012 003 ASH vs. Peabody 2012 006


Wendy's Iphone 004

While I throughly enjoyed making these, I was “BURNT” by the time I finished the last order.  I raised right at $1000 for the football team.  Geaux Trojans!

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