P 365 2014

"Lazy" les Bon Temps Roulez!

:rollers: (hum drum, coffee hasn’t kicked in yet voice)mardi gras at the bellino’s… we host a Mardi Gras party at our house every year. We live on the parade route. I usually rent a jumper for the kids, my husband barbecues, everybody brings something… Fun times! This year I’m a little tired, and I haven’t gotten motivated this week to clean my house. Today is the day! Gotta get moving! *sigh* I need the cleaning fairy to appear! 

I wanted to pressure wash my sidewalks because they looked so bad. We’ve had a crazy Louisiana winter. It snowed twice in two weeks! For all you northerners, that is a rare occasion in Louisiana. It’s like when the Saints won the Super Bowl and hell froze over?! The kids were out of school for four days because of the ice storm. Anyway, I was trying to be good and clean a little every day so that I wouldn’t be stressed on the day before the party. Hmmmm, started pressure washing on Sunday afternoon since the weather was nice. The pressure washer kicked out right before I was finished with the sidewalk in the front of the house!

Two days later my husband bought a new one and I finished up right before it got dark after work Wednesday. So, the grass is dead, garden looks drab, but with a bunch of gaudy Mardi Gras bling this house will be transformed into Mardi Gras central….enough pep talk. Gotta get another cup of cawfee to get this girl in party mode! Laissez les bon temps roulez!!!

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