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Sunday Lunch


When I was a kid, we always sat at the table together to eat dinner. Especially on Sundays. It was a time for everybody to catch up. Dinner conversation was how we communicated. We were all so busy with afterschool activities, school, social calendars…Mom usually made dinner and my sister and I were in charge of clean up. The younger kids had to clear the table, sweep, take out the garbage, etc. Everybody had a job and most of the time we worked together. We still have the same routine now that we are all grown! Funny how some things don’t change.

Shame on me that we rarely eat together in my own little family. Oh, we did when my kids were little, but now that everybody is older it gets harder to get everybody on the same schedule. However, whenever we are all home on Sundays we do. I really should get my wedding china out for these occasions because there it sits in my china cabinet, only used for holidays.

I cooked today. That is a rare occasion too! My husband is the king of the kitchen. He cooks because he loves it, I cook because I am hungry. You can probably taste the difference. BUT, I can cook pretty well when I want to (and I’m not hungry and grouchy). Today I made “Coonass Steaks and Gravy”. I took pictures to keep up with my photo a day challenge too! I EVEN made a digital scrapbook page…


Club Scrap Digital Kits: Bandanarama, Military Salute for the staple embellishment.

Techniques: CS ALSB layout Surefire Strategy (10 Hearts card) from the Idea Deck Vol II, custom drop shadows.

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