Art Journal

Art Journal…the Beginning. +Tiare Smith  hosted an Art Journal Pajama Party Wednesday night on Spreecast. It was my first time to watch a live broadcast class. Really fun! I ended up watching while I made dinner, jumping in to comment in the chatroom in between cooking breaks. Art journaling intrigues me, partly because I am not good at it.  I don’t know what my problem is! Art journaling scares me! I like things more uniform and maybe the free-spiritedness (I don’t know if that’s a word, but I kind of like it!) of it freaks me out? Years ago, artist Judi Russell wrote a post about art journaling on  I bought a sketch book, journaled about 10 pages,  put it away and it got lost in the recesses of my craft room. I decided to dig for it after I RSVP’d to Tiare’s PJ party. I got out my art supplies (sadly some of them I have never opened) and tentatively jumped in.  I decided to use Judi’s art journaling technique for awhile. It’s simple, I can take my supplies anywhere, and it gets me thinking. The sketch in the background is mine from 6 years ago…
I don’t want to share the whole journal page I made last night, but I will share the bit that I like…the stamp image.
The stamp is a Club Scrap woodmounted stamp from the Expressions kit from 2010. It was so random, happiness, dreams…The theme of my journaling page ended up being “Fishing”. That was the image I saw in my doodling. Fishing in a sea of happiness and dreams. That’s cool, and it was right there in my subconscious! I used perfect pearls instead of ink. You can’t really see the image unless you handle the book.  Jeez, that’s a hidden meaning from my “unconscious mind”! It’s been a long time since I have gotten those Perfect pearls out. I missed them!
I am not going to stress myself and say, “I have to art journal every day.” Because then, I just won’t do it. But I will say that I can art journal whenever I feel like it. Hey! That is starting to sound like “free-spiritedness”!

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