A Cape fit for a Princess!

Another birthday! Millie turned 5 on Sunday. I asked my sister-in-law for gift ideas. She likes dress up, teacher’s chalk (skinny sticks!), play doh, books…nothing hit me. Then Kelley texted me this…

She is Elsa from Frozen. BINGO! I found an easy cape pattern idea from +Kylie Harris at
Hancock Fabrics had some shimmery sheer turquoise blue fabric that was perfect for an ice princess! I made the wand too, a wooden dowel wrapped in satin ribbon, ribbon dangles and Christmas snowflake ornaments for the wand tip. 
I made the chalkboard face-in-the-hole boards too.

These were sooooo cool! I got the idea from +Mandy Beyeler at She used chalkboard foam board, but I couldn’t find any in this town! I spray painted black foam board with chalkboard paint and decorated frames with paint pens and “gems”. Turned out perfect!
I think they are happy little girls!
Wendy's Iphone 002 
This is the most rewarding 34 seconds ever…

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