Vintage Flashback!

I was born in 1969 so I was a 70’s kid. Who remembers ponchos, huarches, braids, bell bottom jeans…and embroidered denim?!

My Memaw is a pretty awesome seamstress. She could make anything, or at least that was what I thought! She made our clothes, dolls, dress up clothes, dance costumes, booster and cheerleading uniforms, quilts, blankets…we were well dressed. I can’t remember if we got our embroidered jackets for a holiday gift, but we all got one. My sister’s and my jacket had patches embroidered on them. My dad’s had a beautiful design on the back. He still has it. Memaw even made me a little jean purse and embroidered my name on the front.
Jean jacket and purse circa 1976

These memories inspired my digital card for the new Club Scrap Dungarees kit

Includes Digital Elements from Club Scrap Grafitti 2014 and Wildflowers 2012
I found some very realistic embroidery photoshop actions and frayed denim brushes that worked great in Photoshop Elements 12. Love the effects! I recolored parts of the embroidery designs using the lasso tool and adjusting the hue/saturation. How’s that for a vintage flashback from the 70’s?!

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