City of Lights and Some Good Memories!

Chris and I made a leisurely road trip to Natchitoches to pick Jake up from NSU football camp. Of course we had to hit all of our college hot spots! Most of them looked the same, just older. Some a little run down and overgrown, but recognizable. My memories of our one bedroom apartment were a lot more pleasant than what the complex looks like now. Twenty-four years ago rent was $225 a month and utilites were about $80. It was comfortable until Christopher was born! All the baby needs and furniture…we could hardly walk around! I can’t believe I washed my new baby’s clothes at the dirty washateria. Ignorance is bliss.

Rain Tree Apartments
Jake was born when we lived there the second time around. Christopher was in first grade. Those were sweet memories of my little family.  I had just graduated from LSU Dental Hygiene school.  I drove 80 miles one way to work every day. Chris was in school at NSU finishing his degree after he worked to put me through school. It was hard, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Poor as church mice, but we were happy

Behan Street, our first home rental! It was yellow with white trim back then.

Woodyard Drive. We moved here the last year we were in Natchitoches. Chris worked at the fish hatchery while he was in school, so we got a sweet deal on rent in the employee housing!

The big tree where Christopher used to play. Our sweet lab Petey is buried in that grove of trees.

We ate lunch at Lasyone’s. I always wanted to eat there. Eating out was a luxury we couldn’t afford when we lived in Natchitoches. Of course I ordered the meat pie platter! 

I snapped a few pics of downtown Natchitoches before the rain came…

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church where Christopher made his first communion.
Veteran’s Memorial, I just thought this was cool tucked away in a courtyard.

We left town just as the bottom fell out. It was a fun quick visit full of happy memories! 

2 thoughts on “City of Lights and Some Good Memories!

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos of your homes in Natchitoches. I only saw the first apartment when Christpher was a wee baby. And it was a tight squeeze even for a visit. But those are now the “good ole days.” Hugs, Aunt Linda


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