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Freezer Paper Stenciled T-shirts

OK, where was this idea when I was growing up?! My nieces came over to play in my craft room and made freezer paper stenciled t-shirts. +Joy Tracey made a great tutorial for this technique. I had the girls watch it before we got started…

I didn’t have my Silhouette Cameo hooked up yet, so I helped them design their stencils with the Gypsy and we cut them out with the Cricut. The process was actually pretty fast. Once they chose their designs (this took the longest) and plugged everything into the Gypsy, the rest was a piece of cake! I steered them to choose simple designs for our first time. We’ll tackle a little more complicated design the next go ‘round.

Ellie wanted to paint an anchor on hers…

T-shirts from Justice, Tulip Soft Fabric paint in Grape.

001 002

Ava had her phrase all picked out, we just had to find the right fonts AND her dolphin!

Tulip Soft fabric paints in Grape and mix of Ebony/Glacier White to make the gray dolphin.

I have to say, they came out pretty good for a first try. I was skeptical that the freezer paper would leak, but I ironed it really well for good measure and it was stuck. They want to come back and make another after we go paint color shopping!

2 thoughts on “Freezer Paper Stenciled T-shirts

  1. Great work, Ellie, Ava, and Aunt Wendy! I see a business developing here. All the “kids” will want one of those shirts. Love you ladies, Aunt Linda


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