Spiders and Gators and Boys…Oh my!

(Any errors, blame the typist! I am NOT an outdoorswoman or a botanist. I do, however, live with 3 men who are outdoorsmen. I should NEVER go in the woods without a guide!)

Yesterday was a glorious early fall day here in Louisiana. I was missing my oldest who lives in Lafayette…

We decided to do something to enjoy the beautiful weather and met half-way at Bayou Chicot state park.

Chris, Jake and I started out on the hiking trail, but the mosquitoes were attacking with a vengeance!

FYI, the Bayou Chicot park map from the check in station sucks!

It was sooooo pretty though…

Elderberry bushes (yes, Jake HAD to taste them!)

A beautiful green spider with and orange design on his belly.

While we waited for Christopher, we spread out on a carpet of moss and discussed life. I wanted to lay down and take a nap, but if I had I would have been done for the day!

When Christopher and Lindsey showed up, we drove to the pier and walked out to check out the lake. Christopher asked Jake to go back to his truck to get some drinks out of the ice chest. He had the brilliant idea to toss his keys to Jake on the narrow pier. We all yelled, “NO!” and the keys arced up and over the side and into Bayou Chicot. Christopher stipped down to his boxers and jumped in. Three dives down in 8 feet of murky water, he came up with them in his hand. In less than 10 minutes he lost his keys in the lake and found them! Jake told him he needed to buy a lottery ticket on the way home! 
As the afternoon wore on, we were entertained by a huge spider spinning his web. It spread across the lake from a cypress tree branch to the railing of the pier. 

And the GATOR!

I wanted to take some family pics of us (since it is soooo hard to get us all together!) before the sun went down. I brought my tripod and set it up and we had fun! 
Jake and Lindsey posing while I got my settings right. RUDE!

I jumped in with a second to spare! 

I love these guys!

I wish I could bottle days like this…I love my family.

2 thoughts on “Spiders and Gators and Boys…Oh my!

  1. Great family shots, Wendy. By the way, that is not elderberry! It is beauty berry! Luckily not poisonous, but can taste like astringent. Poor Jake! Read that it makes nice jam, and I know you guys like jam 😉 Hugs, your Master Gardener Aunt Linda


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