London Is Calling And I Must Go!

Welcome to my stop on the London Calling blog hop! Today’s hop features the February 2015 Club Scrap kit London Calling.

Club Scrap Deluxe kit

These stamps are the “bees knees”!

Collection Unmounted
Unmounted Borders and Backgrounds
Greeting Unmounted

I love going through my stash of Club Scrap Scrap Rap magazines for ideas and found the perfect one for this kit, the Scrapbook-in-a-box project from the 2009 Birds of a Feather Scrap Rap. So, without further ado, it’s time for tea…

A few years ago my sister and brother-in-law made a trip across the pond and brought me back a Royal Albert coffee mug. This was the pattern the year I was born. So perfect for my photo shoot!

While I was making my project, I kept thinking how I wanted to decorate the cover of the box. I looked up traditional British gifts and one of the tea boxes had the Union Jack as a cover design. So, I made a stencil!

Don’t you love how the design in the paper shows through the ink?

Yeah, so I bungled my first attempt. The red diagonal cross I inked blue. Humpf….BUT I ended up liking the second attempt better!

I used the green patterned paper from the CS Lite kit for this one. The pattern showed through the ink on this one too!

I filled the pockets with tea packets and wrapped a few Red Velvet Oreo’s in place of English biscuits.

I added a few extra bits and bobs, some cutaparts, vintage mini postage stamps, some tiny teapot embellishments and ribbon.

Instructions on how to make the perfect cuppa. I used the Chancery Cursive font and printed on the blue cardstock from the Lite kit. 

Doesn’t that sound delightful!

Aren’t these the cutest mini vintage postage stamps
I finished it all up with a card. Umm, do you see the boo boo? I didn’t see it ’til I was finished. Oh well, I don’t really suppose any of the Americans I would give it to would notice unless I showed them a pic of the Union Jack first, so Bob’s your Uncle!
The crowns were cut using my Cricut and the Indie Art cartridge.

Grab a cuppa and chivvy along to check out what FABU project Cathy has to share on her blog! Cheerio!

23 thoughts on “London Is Calling And I Must Go!

  1. That is an adorable box, and I totally love your Union Jack stencil!

    I painted a Union Jack-ish flag as the base layer of my canvas, and my daughter gave a massive eyeball because the thick/thin of the white lines were not done correctly. Therefore, I completely empathize with your tiny boo-boo. I suppose we shall be sent to the naughty chairs in the corner… where we can craft away! 😉


  2. What a great project! Love the stencil you made. (I secretly hoped for a Union Jack stencil for this collection, but I love the phone booth mask we got instead!) Just might have to make one of my own . . . you made it look so easy!


  3. Cute, cute! But I thought you were going to cross the pond for a visit. I think it is time for you and Chris to go on a European vacation ( with or without the guys). Love you all, Aunt Linda


  4. I am hopping along here and continually in awe of the creativity shown with this collection. Highlights for me here are that you totally rocked that homemade stencil! How awesome is that? And I'm glad you continue to receive inspiration from past editions of the Scrap Rap. Yay!


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