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I’m Baaack!

ASH vs. NCHS 2015 1275

I took a blogging break this fall. I focused on family, literally! This is my youngest son’s senior year in high school and I was the self appointed football team photographer. I have been taking pictures of the ASH football team since he was a freshman. I started out just taking photos from the stands and finally took the leap to the sidelines during his sophomore year. This year I recruited my oldest son to help me, he has a fantastic eye for composition and a flair for videography. I am so proud of our work! This was our first collaboration…

Many, many hours of work went into this and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I set up an ASH Trojan Football YouTube channel to share all the videos we  documented for the ASH football players (and their families!) to watch and enjoy in years to come.

I also took on a huge first time project, making the senior football players’ banners to hang in the stadium.

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I didn’t stop there, I also made starting offense and defense banners as well…


I loved the way these looked hanging on the fence coming into the stadium. LOTS of fan selfies were taken with these behind them!

And last, I need to give a shout out to my husband. He cooked for the team every home game, carried my equipment, gave me insight on the field so that I could get the best shots, drove us to all the games, was the Trojans’ biggest fan and won’t take credit for any of it! I love this guy!

ASH vs. NCHS 2015 1302E.jpg

I handled the end of the season much better than I thought I would. We made it to the playoffs, but lost to Hahnville High School. It was a GREAT season for the Trojans and I’m so proud of my Trojan for leaving it all on the field every game.

ASH vs. Hahnville Playoff Game 2015 1384.JPG


ASH vs. Hahnville Playoff Game 2015 1449

AND…He always makes time for his fans!

Here’s to a great season, an awesome football team and the best family. It’s a GREAT day to be a Trojan!


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