Club Scrap Technique Challenge


Who knew origami could be so “ribbiting”?! I found this origami frog tutorial yesterday when I was searching for easy origami tutorials.


He really hops too! I think I remember making something like this when I was in elementary school. I’m pretty sure the teacher confiscated all of them from the class because paper frogs were hopping all over the room!

I made a card using the 4♣ card from the ALCM Idea Deck Vol. 2. The cutting instructions are on the back, so you don’t waste any paper!


Of course I decorated the card with a jumping frog!

Club Scrap card stock and sentiment stamp. Decopatch paper for the origami frog.


It’s EASY when you know how!


2 thoughts on “Rrrribbit….

    1. Thank you! I got a little frustrated the first go ’round. I had an aha! moment after I studied the diagram. Easy after all! (I mean it is a tutorial for kids…rolling my eyes)


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