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3 of a kind, a little masking and a monsoon

I spent this “Monsoon Monday” making cards and avoiding housework. The weather was TERRIBLE! AND… the boys left a window open, so the hallway to their room was drenched. So, I”checked out” from reality for most of the day…

Club Scrap 3 of a kind PSL Challenge


I saw this pin on Pinterest. Cute huh?


This is my interpretation…though the finger painting was awful cute on the pin, I love this stamp! It’s a Club Scrap oldie but goodie.

Club Scrap February Technique Masking Tape Challenge

I didn’t get much housework done, but I feel like I accomplished a lot today!

“If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.”~ Katharine Hepburn 

3 thoughts on “3 of a kind, a little masking and a monsoon

  1. What a great set of beautiful cards, Wendy. You have made this day into a productive and creative day. A day well spend.Club Scrap’s tulip stampis one of my all time favourite stamp!

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