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This week was Millie’s “birthday week”! The girls came to town Saturday, and I took them to get their nails done and a trip to Michael’s. They got mani/pedis “LSU” nails at Impressive Nails (purple and gold tiger stripes with gold tiger paws on their ring fingers). Millie said, “Impressive nails? Hmmmmm, that’s impressive!”

I gave them each a $20 limit at Michael’s, and we were in there FOREVER until I had to put a time limit on it too. Geez, they are worse than me! No arts and crafts supplies though, they were mesmerized by the “junk” toys. SMH…

Polished up, got their goodies, riding down the highway singing at the top of their lungs to Taylor Swift’s “Teardrops on My Guitar”…NAILED IT!

Millie's Bday 2016
Club Scrap Dahlias Digital kit, April technique challenge (stained glass effect) created using elements from the kit, Photoshop filters and effects, and ALSB Idea Deck Vol.2 4♦ card.
Hybird card made using Club Scrap Dahlias digital kit and printed on Club Scrap cardstock. ALCM Vol.2, 4♦card.

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