Like a Rock

My dad is a man of few words, but his writing is movingly expressive. I remember finding treasures that he wrote to mom or my grandparents and thinking, “WOW, my dad wrote that?” Just having him say, “Sit down, we need to talk,” was enough to bring tears to my eyes, it still is! He knew just what to say, and he usually cut right to the chase. I’d find myself spilling my guts whether I wanted to or not. He’s fair and he’s firm and ninety-nine percent of the time, he’s right. Everything he does, he gives 110% and he expected the same from all five of us. To disappoint him was worse than any punishment he would dish out. He wrote this a long time ago and it is too good not to share. Pap’s words of Wisdom or Bullshit. You decide…
“Never tell how you really feel, because then there is no mystery. Always say, “I feel great everything is good”, you may even convince yourself. Never say what you really think, unless you are willing to kick someone’s ass to prove it. The young person sleeps to rest the body, the old person sleeps to rest the mind and soul. The young person counts the minutes, the old person counts the days. You are young once, you are old the rest of your life. The young person agonizes over what will I be when I grow up, the old person agonizes over how to stay young. Always do the right thing at the present, and you will never regret the past or dread the future.”Can’t” never did a damn thing. There ain’t no “Why”!”
He is a fantastic grandfather to all of our children. He never misses a ball game or event. He might be late, but he’s still there. He coached my brothers in football and baseball and carried that tradition down to the grand kids. He coached my youngest son Jake from t-ball and pee wee football until he started junior high. Jake thinks he hung the moon. Dad made this video last fall for Jake’s senior year. Turns out, he’s pretty good at that too.
Love ya Dad.

4 thoughts on “Like a Rock

  1. I enjoyed this post 😀 Your Dad used the theme song so well. Reading your post and his written words leaves me in awe of the leader of your family. Committed to his children and his grandchildren, involved in each of your lives is such a powerful legacy to leave. Thank you for sharing this.

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