Digital Scrapbooking

The Adventures of Supergirl and Spiderman!

We took a Sunday road trip to Lafayette to see the “Chapman Blondies”. We had a great time watching soccer and eating red beans and rice and catfish for lunch! I even got my boob honked by a three year old. Good times!

One of the perks of having grown kids is that I get to be the fun aunt and take pictures. I love my nieces and nephews. Haylan was so excited that her big cousins and Uncle Chris came to watch her play! She’s not a show off, she’s really that good!

Club Scrap Fire and Ice digital kit, Homemade Apple font, sagittarius sign and soccer ball from my stash. Sketch from the Club Scrap Idea Deck Vol. 2 King of ♦ card (see end of post). 

Little brother likes to be entertained too and doesn’t take NO for an answer. As long as you do what he says, life is good!

Spider web and Chinese symbols from my stash.

Millie was too busy running around to be in the pictures this time. She’s kinda sassy!

It was a fun, chaotic, rainy day=HAPPINESS. I ♥ my people.


Challenge entered:

Club Scrap 9-16 Idea Deck Challenge



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