JFF Monthly Challenge

Pepe Le BOO!

This is Pepe Le BOO!

Just for Fun Rubber Stamps Stitched Mouthed Jack-o-Lantern and Tiny Black Cat. Club Scrap card stock.


He’s a distant relative of the famous Pepe Le Pew. You remember him? The amorous French skunk continuously in search of romance, but his scent, self-delusion, and overly persistent manner inhibit his efforts? These family traits were passed on to Pepe Le BOO, but with a slight mutation.  He, like his distant “skuncle”, is also in search of romance, but his approach is to scare the pants off of his romantic interests! He always strolls around town in autumn looking for “scaredy cats”. Here’s an example of one of his pick up jokes…

Knock, knock.

Who’s there?


Boo who?!

Awwwwww…why’re you crying?!

His penchant for frightening is a huge turnoff, though this would never occur to him. He’s destined to wander the streets alone…

Poor Pepe. Forever single and creeping it real.

Be sure to check out the JFF Rubber Stamps October 2016 Halloween Challenge going on NOW!




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