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“Boo” Scootin’ in Texas! 

A few weeks ago I visited my Texas family to help out with Ellie’s homecoming preparations and watch Kyle’s flag football game. My sister had surgery on her foot, so I chauffeured while she did the “boo” scoot on her knee scooter.  Look how cute her “BOO!” leg is!

We had a front row seat to Kyle’s game, thank goodness. It was hot and Steph was a little dangerous on that scooter! We got there just in time to see his touchdown! As Pap says, ” The Kid can play!”


Club Scrap November 2016 ALSB Layout Formula 

I held a post game interview with my favorite player. No question stumped him. He popped off answers like he had rehearsed it. That boy has confidence, ability AND celebrity presence!


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Ellie was next on the list. My camera loved her! I started out just taking a few shots of her getting ready and it turned into a photoshoot. I didn’t phase her at all, I felt invisible even when I did close ups. She exudes confidence and she applies makeup like an artist. I want to be just like her when I grow up!

Steph, Kevin and I followed her for a group photo shoot in their neighborhood, then she was whisked away in a party bus to the country club for dinner, the dance, after party, and then breakfast!

Man, a lot has changed since I was in high school. Getting asked to homecoming was usually a quick conversation in the hall at school with all of your friends giggling behind you. How fun is this?!

Club Scrap  A Study in Red digital kit.

Homecoming Mums are a BIG tradition in Texas. I’m fascinated! The tradition is for the guy to give his date a mum. She will give him a smaller version called a garter. If you’re crafty you can make your own, but there are actually people who are professional mum makers who make these elaborate creations of self expression… and it is BIG BUSINESS! Some of them even light up!

I can’t leave out the most important men in her life…that pic of Kyle cracks me up!

We finished up the weekend with homemade chili for Frito pies (made by me!) and Ellie whipped up a caramel apple bundt cake for dessert. That girl has skills! DEELISH!

I can’t wait to see my crew for Thanksgiving, I miss my peeps!

Do more of what makes you happy!


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Club Scrap ALSB Challenge 11-2016

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