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Toucan Play at THAT Game! 

This was Eudie and Bert.

Eudie was my Grandma, Aunt Bert was her older sister. Aunt Bert only had one  child, who she affectionately called “Son”. Grandma, on the other hand, had 9 children and 27 grandchildren. Boy,  Aunt Bert liked all the action at my Grandma’s when she’d come visit! Only problem was that they would argue constantly AND talk at the same time! I think Aunt Bert secretly enjoyed the attention and making Grandma mad! I’m sure everybody in our family has a funny Aunt Bert story, she was a character. This is one of mine.

I liked taking road trips with my Grandma in her “little Honda” with the hatchback. This particular  trip, I had to ride in the backseat because Aunt Bert was riding shotgun. I was about 11-12 and we were driving home from New Orleans. Grandma stopped at a little diner and we got some chicken dinner boxes to go. We got back on the road and Grandma asked Aunt Bert to hand her a French fry. It must have been a little hot because Grandma started coughing. And coughing…Aunt Bert kept asking what was wrong like Grandma couldn’t hear. I got nervous because she was swerving all over the road and I (and my chicken dinner) was rolling all over the backseat! Finally, Aunt Bert grabbed Grandma’s  face, turned her head toward her and said, ” Open your mouth and let me see!” Grandma screamed and slammed on the brakes (middle of the highway!) and yelled at Aunt Bert,”Are you OUT of your MIND?” Aunt Bert just shrugged and turned back to her chicken dinner that was tucked in her lap and said,”Well, I was just trying to help!” Grandma just stared at her and all you could hear was the click of my seatbelt as I quietly tried to put it on. Aunt Bert daintily picked at her chicken and said,” See what you did? You scared everybody!” Grandma said nothing, jerked the card back onto the road and white knuckled the steering wheel the rest of the ride home. I was a little “ascared” of her because I’d never seen her that mad. Meanwhile, Aunt Bert chatted away like nothing happened. I was still holding a piece of chicken when we pulled into our driveway an hour later!

These chunky toucans made me think of Eudie and Bert!

JFF Rubber Stamps Chunky Toucans and Man in the Moon stamps. Club Scrap® Color Me Happy card stock, Comics digital kit speech bubble, and By the Seashore beach grass stamp. Diamond stickles for sparkle, white Signo Uniball gel pen for highlighting the necklace and polka dots on the bikini. Perfect Pearls mixed with water to watercolor the images. Vintage Photo Distress Ink to frame the edges of the card stock.

Those bikinis are hilarious!


The Man in the Moon stamp image fit perfectly in the Club Scrap Color Me Happy cutapart!


Check out the JFF January Card Challenge – Anything Goes!! and join in the fun with a card of your own. The winner will receive a gift certificate to shop in the JFFRS online store! AND no, you do not have to use a JFF stamp to enter!

Do more of what makes you happy!



9 thoughts on “Toucan Play at THAT Game! 

    1. It’s funny because it’s true, there’s no way I could make that stuff up! I’m just happy I can remember all the details to share those sweet old ladies with future generations. They were a hoot!


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