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Thankful and Grateful

My pet peeve is misspelled words. Misspell (mispell) is one of the most commonly misspelled words! Really?! I actually critiqued a Valentine card from my husband before we were married. He’s pretty suave, but he can’t spell!


Grateful is another commonly misspelled word. OK, I’ve done it! I spelled it GREATful for a long time until spell check corrected me. *GASP* Maybe I need to keep my pet peeves to myself!mjaxmy1lm2e1zta5yja2zguyztu0

I will be the first to say I am not perfect. I still have to reference a dictionary or English grammar source on occasion. It takes me forever to write a blog post! Sigh…the OCD struggle is real.

Today starts a new challenge at Cupcake Inspirations and it is a theme/color challenge!

CIC 431

I thought a fall scene would be a great background for my card today. I was inspired by this video on Ranger Ink’s Instagram account.

Here’s my take on the challenge!

CIC 431 002E
Club Scrap Adirondacks Jumbo Unmounted background image and sentiment from the Adirondacks Greetings Unmounted stamp sets.  JFF Rubber Stamps Pines Along the Stream image in the foreground. Club Scrap® card stock and Bristol watercolor paper. Distress ink blending on the background.

Make something using our fall theme and link up for a chance to be picked as one of our sweet six! I’ll look for you in our gallery!

Thankful and GRATEful! (*rolling my eyes* that just looks wrong!)

CIC Sweetie Signature


17 thoughts on “Thankful and Grateful

  1. Oh this made me laugh. It’s a pet peeve of mine too. My hubby used to always write “have a grate birthday” on my cards for years. I think after 25 years together he’s finally learnt the right way. But I’m not perfect either so we’re a good pair. Lovely card you created 🙂

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  2. While I think I am a pretty good speller, I am terrible at punctuation. I have struggled with it all my life. Needless to say my grammar classes at school did not help me overcome my problem. I faired miserably in that class. Your challenge piece is gorgeous! 🙂

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    1. Thank you! My sons had a TOUGH junior high English teacher. One of their extra assignments (for bonus points🙄) was a handout with a list of five sentences. Each sentence contained a combination of sentence structures, parts of speech, phrases, clauses, etc. The students had to find sentences in the local paper that matched the requirements, cut them out and tape them on the handout in order to get credit. I dreaded those assignments. They were a family group effort! Both of my grown sons will tell you they are so thankful for Mr. White. They say he was the best English teacher they ever had. (He was a retired college professor teaching in a private school). My MOM was my junior high teacher! 😳 ‘nuff said!


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