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My Soul Mate

Twenty-seven years goes by fast.

Chris and Wendy November 24, 1990

We’ve moved seven times, had three dogs, two babies, graduated from college, had 7 different jobs between us, bought our first house, bought our first car, raised our boys and here we are. There are still so many firsts to experience. Sometimes I feel like we are just getting started.  Our life isn’t just a merry go round, it’s the Tilt a Whirl and Texas Cyclone all rolled into one. Would I ride it again? In a heartbeat! I have a forever pass and I’m never getting off!

It’s so hard to get him to take a normal picture! 

We don’t usually go crazy celebrating our anniversary. We do things together, and for each other, all the time. I do like to make special things for him. He likes my handmade creations. He never balked when I wanted the spare bedroom as a craft room. He even bought me work tables and put them together so that I would have a place to spread out. He says that my artwork will be here long after we are gone and that kind of legacy is more precious than something you can buy. He knows how to break me down like a fraction!

So, what do I get for the man who gives me everything I’ve ever wanted or needed for the last 27 years? A little piece of my heart.

Lawn Fawn sentiment from the Say Cheese stamp set, Club Scrap® stamp image and sentiment from the Delft kit. Club Scrap® card stock.

Today’s post is part of the Cupcake Inspirations color theme challenge #433.

CIC 433 Inspiration cupcake photo

My mini “Ram’s Horn” maze booklet was made using the A♠ card formula from the Club Scrap® ALCM Idea Deck Vol. 2. This is such a great tool when I need a little inspiration! The cutting and assembly instructions are listed on the back of each card. I love that the only thing I have to think about is picking out complementary card stock! CIC 433 003E

I thought it would be nice to make this tiny book an ornament to hang on our Christmas memory tree. Our Christmas ornaments are priceless little treasures and I have a story to go with every single one. Decorating the tree is my favorite part of Christmas!

CIC 433 009E

I plan to fill the tiny pages with “sweet nothings”, but there are so many things you could fill this little book with. The decorating possibilities are endless!

CIC 433 002E



Cupcake Inspirations is sponsored this week by Freckled Fawn, and they are generously providing a $15 gift certificate to our randomly chosen winner!Freckled Fawn

Make something using our color theme and link up for a chance to be picked as one of our sweet six and a lucky number seven! I’ll look for you in our gallery!

CIC Sweetie Signature


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Club Scrap Delft Greeting Unmounted Stamps


Club Scrap ALCM Idea Deck Vol. 2


26 thoughts on “My Soul Mate

  1. Hi Wendy, such a beautiful post. This is the first post of yours I’ve read and already I can so relate. In two weeks time I’ll be celebrating 25 years married to my hub and like you I’m still loving the ride. Thanks for the follow. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Anniversary you two crazy kids!! I feel the same about my dh, we married at 19 so we have grown up together and after 33 years I ain’t getting off this ride either!! Congrats, you should be very proud of what you have accomplished! Many hugs!!~Melitta

    Liked by 1 person

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