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Just the Right Shoes

I am a shoe buying addict. I’m selective about the style, but I’ll buy all the colors that are available if the style complements my feet. SHHHH! I have bunions and when I find just the right shoes, I snatch them up! I’ve learned to choose comfort over style. The turning point for me was a hard lesson on my 40th birthday. My sisters took me to Las Vegas and had quite an agenda planned that required LOTS of walking.


I packed some cute heels to wear out and a brand new pair of Nike’s for trekking around…I suppose I should have broken them in first. I ended up with blisters on my heels after the first day, so I bought these while we were out and about.

2016 Reef Krystal Star Sandals

I wore them the first night out. Vanity=Bad mistake. Now I had blisters between my big toes and the bottoms of my feet were numb! In desperation, I bought these.


At least I could walk without limping, though I ended up with plantar fasciitis for a year! Funny what you notice when your feet hurt…nothing but your feet. All I could think about was taking the next step! On our last night out, as we walked the 20 minute walk from our hotel to Caesar’s palace, I enviously watched a group of twenty somethings walking in front of us in their ridiculously high heels and spray tanned legs. BUT, the tables were turned at 3:00 AM! That same group of girls were trudging back across the street, barefoot with dirty black feet, with the pretty heels dangling from tired fingers. I was thankful for my blisters that prevented wearing style over comfort! I still appreciate a pretty pair of shoes when I’m shopping though. I’ll “ooohh and aaahh” over them, maybe even try them on, but they aren’t coming home with me. I’ll stick with my favorite pair of Birkenstocks and a pedicure and I’m good to go!

This sweet little creation is just the right shoe. It’s pretty and won’t cause blisters!

JFF DT Just the Right Shoe 008E
Club Scrap® card stock and gems from the December 2017 A Night at the Met Deluxe kit.

I found this template from Everyday Parties  on Pinterest. I just printed it on copy paper and traced it onto card stock using a sheet of carbon tracing paper. I trimmed out the pieces, scored on the dotted lines, folded and glued it together. The hardest part was choosing card stock!


I dressed it up a bit with a glamorous “shoe clip”. This dragonfly stamp image is part of the stamptangle line from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps. The detail is just gorgeous!

JFF DT Just the Right Shoe 011E

Today’s post is my design team contribution for the January Color Challenge on the Just For Fun Rubber Stamps blog.

Image may contain: text

Make something festive and link up for a chance to win a gift certificate to shop in the JFF Stamps online store! I’ll look for you in the gallery!

Wendy Signature JFF DT


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Club Scrap®  A Night at the Met Deluxe kit


7 thoughts on “Just the Right Shoes

  1. I’m a shoe addict too and I also, ouch, get bunions but somehow it doesn’t stop me from spending hours in high heels, very occasionally though. Then I pay the price. But give me a good pair of runners anyway. 🙂

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  2. Ohh grrr I know all to well the horror of having a foot problem.. I am with you on the wearing of a good shoe as I used to be a shoe aholic. I no longer buy shoes that i know are going to kill my feet. I do LOVE Your cute creation!!! very pertty!!!

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  3. Hi Wendy,
    OMG – I enjoyed your Vegas tale more than you’ll ever know. Well, not enjoyed but commiserated. I have been having feet issues for a YEAR. Plantar fasciitis in the left foot and achilles tendonitis in the right. Waaa. I just want to take ONE step with either foot without it hurting. I am seriously going to find a doctor to just cut off the five bone spurs I have causing all the issues. I’ve lived 50 with them not bothering me – cut them off and I’ll be dead before they can grow back. Just stop the pain!! ~smile~ Roseanne P.S. I used to love shoes – pretty ones, any color, any heel. Those were the days. 🙂

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    1. I know right?! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, but sorry that you can relate…it takes a long time for plantar fasciitis to heal, but it will. I treated myself once a week to a pedicure. One of the services was a deep tissue foot massage and I would request my favorite tech Steven. It hurt, but felt so much better after. I started attending yoga regularly too, and that was the key. Walking just aggravated things. I hope you get relief with the surgery, bone spurs are no joke! I bought some Fit Flops in New Orleans during my issues with plantar fasciitis. Zappos.com carries them. Super cute styles and even some dressier options. I wear them even when it’s cold out!

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