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Let’s Talk Valentine’s Day

My grandparents were very frugal people. They grew up during the depression and lived through WW2 and food rationing. They kept everything! Memaw even kept a book of ration tickets with her box of keepsakes. I think she kept every card we ever gave her and she would thoughtfully “re-gift” them to us on special occasions. On my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, she gave them the card they had given to her and Papaw on their 25th anniversary. Last weekend I cleaned my craft room and found a folder of treasures that belonged to my Memaw that I didn’t know I had.

There are some sentimental things in here including her high school “newspaper” from 1944 and a newspaper clipping of her engagement announcement to Papaw in 1947!

She started writing a blog at 87 years old and posted her first blog post in September 2012. She even had a Facebook page. I was feeling a bit nostalgic, so I pulled up her blog and started reading some of her posts. Her writing is short, sweet and to the point…just like she was in real life!

I knew Memaw and Papaw’s anniversary date was coming up, but I forgot the exact date. I just knew she would have posted something about it on her blog, and she did. I decided to incorporate her writing into a project, especially after I saw the Taylormadecards4u Passport to Love digital kit!

I found this picture of my grandparents from when they were first married to go with her story. They look so young. Memaw once said that the first time she saw my Papaw she thought he looked like a little boy who had just had a bath!

They always had roses growing in their yard and climbing roses on the front porch. Even after Papaw died, and she went to live with my aunt and uncle, Memaw had a rose garden. Now I know why.

“So with roses you get flowers every day. They adorn your garden and make beautiful bouquets for your table. It’s like getting a gift every day and it’s practical. “

Virginia Chapman, Ridges of Lee County blog, February 15, 2013

I’m so glad she left her thoughts for us to read! It’s like getting a gift every day. I like that.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to check out what the rest of the design team has created over on the Taylormadecards4u blog and you can find the Passport to Love digital kit in Monica Taylor’s Etsy store here.

P.S. We’ll have another fun retro Valentine release on January 25!

17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Valentine’s Day

  1. What a treasure you’ve created, Wendy! Fantastic way to use the gorgeous kit!
    Did you actually call your Grandmother Memaw? I’d never heard that until Big Bang Theory! lol
    It’s not a common term in my area! :o)


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