I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands. Growing up, art class was my favorite time of day! Painting, drawing, cutting, gluing-it was the only time I liked getting dirty.  When I wasn’t being artistic, I was writing. I was introduced to creative writing in middle school and fell in love with the magic of storytelling.  Most of my writing consisted of short stories about my childhood and family and, if you read my blog, you’ll see that is still a favorite topic! I also still work with my hands. I’ve practiced dental hygiene for 25 years, but I find time for my creativity to flourish!

My family is a huge inspiration for my work. I’m the oldest of five siblings, was the first to get married (29 years ago!) and have children, and my husband and two sons are my life. Everything I do revolves around my family. Now that my boys are grown,  I’ve found that my creative outlets keep me balanced with the chaos of change!

I have a knack for making people feel comfortable (it’s all that practice of being a big sister!) I never meet a stranger and I love being told, ” I feel like we’re old friends,” after meeting someone new. So, I invite you to follow my blog, find me on Facebook and Instagram or drop me a line at wendy.bellino@gmail.com so we won’t be strangers!

Do more of what makes you happy!