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Arts n’ Crafts

If you ask my nieces (and sometimes nephews) what they want to do at Aunt Wendy’s they will say, “Arts n’ crafts!” What kid, old or young, doesn’t like to get creative?! One of the things that I love about budding little artists is their artistic freedom. The sky can be purple, the trees can… Continue reading Arts n’ Crafts

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Don’t Fuss Call Gus!

Welcome to my stop on the Club Scrap Artist Team Challenge Blog Hop! Today I’m using elements from some of Club Scrap’s digital kits to create a few “mash up” scrapbook layouts of my sweet nephew Gus’ first birthday party! A year goes by fast, it feels like we were just waiting for baby Gus… Continue reading Don’t Fuss Call Gus!

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Beautiful Louisiana

I was born and raised in Louisiana. Louisiana is my home. My family is here, my memories are here, my family’s history is here. There is such a rich heritage and mix of cultures, French, Spanish, French-Canadian, American and African. We have the BEST food, music, customs and we know how to “pass a good time”!… Continue reading Beautiful Louisiana

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It was HER day and she had FUN!

Last Sunday my sweet niece Millie Lyn made her first communion! She’s smart, funny and has a BEAUTIFUL little soul! We love her guts and so do her friends! She was so proud to have all of us there, especially Jake! Trying to corral this crazy group for a family photo shoot is next to… Continue reading It was HER day and she had FUN!

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Oh, Fudge…

My mom loves chocolate. She always has a stash of M&M’s in her bedside table. Ask the grand kids, they know EXACTLY where it is! Mom always made fudge for the holidays, not the easy microwave kind… the kind you need a candy thermometer for. For some reason, I wasn’t a fan until I got… Continue reading Oh, Fudge…

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Yo Mama, What’s Up?!

She answers to many names…Martha, Grandma Judy called her “Mah-tha”, she wanted to be called “Marty” when she was a kid (all of HER kids thought this was hilarious), Marth, Mom, Mama, Granny-mom, Granny, sugar/honey/baby…but the classic nickname, and my all time favorite, was “Maniac Martha”. My brother and his friends coined this phrase when… Continue reading Yo Mama, What’s Up?!

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Note to Self: Don’t Be too Busy!

Last Christmas my husband started the daunting task of transferring our VHS/Beta home movies to an external drive on our computer. Of course when you do things like that you get distracted and the task takes FOREVER…we still haven’t finished it. BUT, we have all thoroughly enjoyed watching them while they are uploading! One of my… Continue reading Note to Self: Don’t Be too Busy!