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Dresses, Bathing Suits and Blue Panties

I rode my bike to my hair appointment at Ron’s Salon Saturday…in a dress! My windblown “do”! It was dry by the time I rode home. I was feeling so good, I went shopping at Dillard’s for makeup and came out with a new bathing suit, cover up, makeup, and shampoo (because I passed by… Continue reading Dresses, Bathing Suits and Blue Panties

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Christmas Wishes

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I may. I wish I might, make this wish I wish tonight.  (Close your eyes tight and make your wish)…Mom taught this to us and I taught it to my boys. One day they’ll teach it to their babies.  A lot of wishes were… Continue reading Christmas Wishes

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Christmas in Paradise!

Close your eyes and envision sunshine, white sand, a warm breeze, crystal blue water and a tropical drink in your hand… ♫ Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas Day That’s the island greeting that we send to you from the land where palm trees sway Here we know that… Continue reading Christmas in Paradise!

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Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for a lot of things in my life, even the bad things. The bad things made me a better person and appreciate the good things even more. I must have done something right, because the universe rewarded me. These people make me believe there is good in the world and to “Be the Good”!… Continue reading Giving Thanks

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Yes, I Can Drive a Stick!

In the mid 1970’s, before the “Disney Channel”, there was The Wonderful World of Disney on Sunday night! We would have Swanson’s TV dinners on TV trays while we watched (salisbury steak and mashed potatoes with the little brownie was a favorite!). We weren’t allowed to eat in front of the TV any other time,… Continue reading Yes, I Can Drive a Stick!

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Happy National Candy Corn Day!

I’m a day late posting this, but TODAY is National Candy Corn Day!  The winner of the random drawing for the JFFRS candy corn fence stamp is…Happy Ink Designs! I am not a fan of candy corn, but I like candy…especially chocolate! I bought two big bags of “our” favorite Halloween candy to hand out… Continue reading Happy National Candy Corn Day!

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What’s Up My Witches?!

We don’t usually get many trick or treaters on Halloween, but I decorated anyway. I like to see it when I come home! I really need to paint my front door, but it goes with the spooky decor. I even let it overflow to the dining room… Then I went to visit the Chapman Blondies… Continue reading What’s Up My Witches?!

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You Say Witch Like It’s a Bad Thing!

My sister would fling this childish insult at me when I would pull big sister rank on her as children, “You are a witch with a “B””! I was a good kid most of the time, but we all have a dark side…MUHAHAHAHAHA! Not all witches are bad. There’s Wendy the Good Witch from Marvel Comics,… Continue reading You Say Witch Like It’s a Bad Thing!

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The Evolution of a Card

We like to celebrate birthdays at our office. Who doesn’t like cake and dip?! Shirley has a knack for birthday decor, and her chicken dip is DIVINE. It was a “bon voyage” birthday party! Karlyn’s going cruising in style with a monogrammed bag full of goodies and gift certificate for a mani/pedi! It all started with… Continue reading The Evolution of a Card

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Look Out World! She’s 21! 

21 is a HUGE milestone. It means you are an ADULT and no longer dependent on your parents, AND you can legally buy alcohol, drink it and go to the casino. Hmmmmm…turning 21 can get you in trouble! This sweet little angel turned 21 yesterday! She’s kind, smart, funny and she’s  a WONDERFUL big sister… Continue reading Look Out World! She’s 21!