Beau Beau is 6!

The Birthday Girl! I sent out a group text to our family this morning and asked them to describe Beau in one word… Then, I sent her these questions to answer on her birthday… 1. What is your name? Beau Beau 2. How old are you?  6 3. What grade are you in? Kindergarten 4. What is your… Continue reading Beau Beau is 6!


I Shook My Family Tree and a Bunch of Nuts Fell Out! 

I had a great “crafternoon”on Friday with these crazies! We made Christmas slime… Shrinky dink ornaments… (Even Steph got in on the action!) And snowmen tealight ornaments and Christmas tags! Whew! Ellie, Millie and Haylan  made a tutorial for the snowmen tealights! One take, these girls are pros! They even did a little facepainting… Of… Continue reading I Shook My Family Tree and a Bunch of Nuts Fell Out! 

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Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for a lot of things in my life, even the bad things. The bad things made me a better person and appreciate the good things even more. I must have done something right, because the universe rewarded me. These people make me believe there is good in the world and to “Be the Good”!… Continue reading Giving Thanks


The Trees Have EYES!

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do!” “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” In Colorado… We spent Labor Day weekend traveling around Colorado. The mountains were calling! We went to Gourmet on Gore, food festival and wine tasting,  in Vail Village for our first stop. Everything smelled so delicious! We walked around sipping Arnold… Continue reading The Trees Have EYES!


Like a Rock

My dad is a man of few words, but his writing is movingly expressive. I remember finding treasures that he wrote to mom or my grandparents and thinking, “WOW, my dad wrote that?” Just having him say, “Sit down, we need to talk,” was enough to bring tears to my eyes, it still is! He knew just… Continue reading Like a Rock

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inside every grown up is a kid that just wants to play

The Blondies came to spend the week. I got to spend the day with them on Monday, and we had a craft day since it was raining. They wanted me to take pictures so that I could post their art projects on my blog… Millie first named her painting after Uncle Chris, then changed it to Jake the… Continue reading inside every grown up is a kid that just wants to play

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This week was Millie’s “birthday week”! The girls came to town Saturday, and I took them to get their nails done and a trip to Michael’s. They got mani/pedis “LSU” nails at Impressive Nails (purple and gold tiger stripes with gold tiger paws on their ring fingers). Millie said, “Impressive nails? Hmmmmm, that’s impressive!” I gave… Continue reading NAILED IT!

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Showering Baby Gus!

I am the oldest of five. My youngest brother was born my senior year of high school…SAME parents! He arrived just as I was leaving for college. It is ironic that he and his wife will be having their first baby, just as my youngest is graduating from high school and leaving for LSU! Family and friends… Continue reading Showering Baby Gus!

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I’m Baaack!

I took a blogging break this fall. I focused on family, literally! This is my youngest son’s senior year in high school and I was the self appointed football team photographer. I have been taking pictures of the ASH football team since he was a freshman. I started out just taking photos from the stands and… Continue reading I’m Baaack!


♫Do you want to build a Snowman?♪

My nieces LOVE the movie Frozen! A friend posted a picture on Facebook of her 3 year old wearing the cutest “Elsa”crochet hat with a braid on the side. Of course I had to find out where she got it so that I could get some for the “little blondies”! I ended up ordering two… Continue reading ♫Do you want to build a Snowman?♪