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Have You Ever Thanked Your Feet?!

Have you ever thanked your feet? Yes, you read that right. It wasn’t like I couldn’t think of anything when I read that quote. My feet were the first thing that popped in my head! I don’t think much about them unless my bunion is hurting or I need a pedicure. I just stuff them… Continue reading Have You Ever Thanked Your Feet?!

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Meow at the Moon!

I asked Chris for suggestions for my post title. He liked Howl at the Moon, but cats don’t howl.  Or do they? We’ve never had a cat, so I don’t know. My neighbor’s cat sounds like it is howling at 3 am…right under my bedroom window. I wonder sometimes if my dog is deaf, but he… Continue reading Meow at the Moon!

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Catch ’em if you can!

Technically, summer is over. School has started and it’s the middle of September, but it still feels like summer here in Louisiana! Curiously, I haven’t seen any fireflies this summer. When I was a kid, I’d see them all the time. Though, I did spend a lot more time outside back then. We didn’t go… Continue reading Catch ’em if you can!

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I like getting caught in the rain. A few weeks ago it started pouring while I was on my bike ride. The rain was cool and completely drenching, even my shoes were wet. It was GLORIOUS! Enjoying those moments of complete freedom is something we forget about doing as adults. Every kid wants to play… Continue reading Dreaming

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Art Makes Everything Awesome

I love fall. The weather is crisp and clean, even the dog gets frisky! Fall always signals “back to school”. I loved buying school supplies and getting organized. One of my favorite quotes about fall is from the movie You’ve Got Mail,”  Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school… Continue reading Art Makes Everything Awesome

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Ride and Shine!

The freedom of the open road. When it’s quiet, it’s a form of meditation for me. I leave my problems at the start of my ride and can choose to pick them up again at the end of it. I find that a lot of those problems disappear while I’m riding. They didn’t need to… Continue reading Ride and Shine!

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Dreaming of the BEACH!

JFF Rubber Stamps has the cutest beach/seashore themed stamp images! This card is soooooo me! I wear flip flops/Birkenstocks with everything. Aren’t these flip flops adorable and the script sentiment is perfect for my beach scene! They reminded me of the flip flops I decorated for my nieces a few years ago! I made a pair for all of… Continue reading Dreaming of the BEACH!