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Curiouser and Curiouser

The times, they are a changing. Change in life is a given. It’s all in how we manage the process. I choose to welcome the changes, because they will happen whether I want them to or not. Sigh…I didn’t put out Easter baskets this year.  I don’t have little children anymore. My sons are 27… Continue reading Curiouser and Curiouser

Club Scrap Challenge

It was HER day and she had FUN!

Last Sunday my sweet niece Millie Lyn made her first communion! She’s smart, funny and has a BEAUTIFUL little soul! We love her guts and so do her friends! She was so proud to have all of us there, especially Jake! Trying to corral this crazy group for a family photo shoot is next to… Continue reading It was HER day and she had FUN!

Cupcake Inspirations Challenge · Cupcake Inspirations DT

Oh, Fudge…

My mom loves chocolate. She always has a stash of M&M’s in her bedside table. Ask the grand kids, they know EXACTLY where it is! Mom always made fudge for the holidays, not the easy microwave kind… the kind you need a candy thermometer for. For some reason, I wasn’t a fan until I got… Continue reading Oh, Fudge…


Beau Beau is 6!

The Birthday Girl! I sent out a group text to our family this morning and asked them to describe Beau in one word… Then, I sent her these questions to answer on her birthday… 1. What is your name? Beau Beau 2. How old are you?  6 3. What grade are you in? Kindergarten 4. What is your… Continue reading Beau Beau is 6!


I Shook My Family Tree and a Bunch of Nuts Fell Out! 

I had a great “crafternoon”on Friday with these crazies! We made Christmas slime… Shrinky dink ornaments… (Even Steph got in on the action!) And snowmen tealight ornaments and Christmas tags! Whew! Ellie, Millie and Haylan  made a tutorial for the snowmen tealights! One take, these girls are pros! They even did a little facepainting… Of… Continue reading I Shook My Family Tree and a Bunch of Nuts Fell Out!