Southern Girls Challenge · Team Trace

“Metalize” it!

I’m always looking for something new and different and this was just what I needed! ATCoins! They remind me of the round badges that were popular in the 80’s. They were right up there with Swatch watches! My sisters brought the 80’s back when they gave me this for my 40th birthday trip to Vegas…… Continue reading “Metalize” it!

JFF Design Team · JFF Monthly Challenge

Rolling with my Peeps

I love a good joke, especially the kind that evokes a good belly laugh. You know, the side splitting guffaw, tears running and you can’t breathe laughter? I feel euphoric after a good laugh and always want more. My sister and I would try to make each other laugh all the time when we were… Continue reading Rolling with my Peeps

The Daily Prompt

The Prompt

A one word prompt. Conjure. Hmmmmm… I feel a little like I pulled a name out of a virtual hat. *Another sip of coffee and some hair twirling while I stare at the computer screen. Blink. Blink.* I remember pulling ideas out of a newsboy cap in a speech class in college… I unfolded the… Continue reading The Prompt