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🎶What Are You Doing New Years Eve?🎶

Twenty-seven years ago Chris and I had our first real date on New Years Eve. Somebody we knew had a party at the old Hotel Bentley in downtown Alexandria. Quite a few glasses of  champagne and a New Years Eve kiss and the rest is history! It’s been a long time since we celebrated New… Continue reading 🎶What Are You Doing New Years Eve?🎶


I Shook My Family Tree and a Bunch of Nuts Fell Out! 

I had a great “crafternoon”on Friday with these crazies! We made Christmas slime… Shrinky dink ornaments… (Even Steph got in on the action!) And snowmen tealight ornaments and Christmas tags! Whew! Ellie, Millie and Haylan  made a tutorial for the snowmen tealights! One take, these girls are pros! They even did a little facepainting… Of… Continue reading I Shook My Family Tree and a Bunch of Nuts Fell Out! 

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What’s Up My Witches?!

We don’t usually get many trick or treaters on Halloween, but I decorated anyway. I like to see it when I come home! I really need to paint my front door, but it goes with the spooky decor. I even let it overflow to the dining room… Then I went to visit the Chapman Blondies… Continue reading What’s Up My Witches?!

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Les Chats Noirs!

I haven’t decorated for Halloween in a few years. I always decorated when my boys were little, but when my youngest started high school and then football started…well, decorating for holidays took a back seat! I was inspired to decorate this year after I received my Just For Fun Rubber Stamps (JFFRS) in the mail. These two are… Continue reading Les Chats Noirs!

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Look Out World! She’s 21! 

21 is a HUGE milestone. It means you are an ADULT and no longer dependent on your parents, AND you can legally buy alcohol, drink it and go to the casino. Hmmmmm…turning 21 can get you in trouble! This sweet little angel turned 21 yesterday! She’s kind, smart, funny and she’s  a WONDERFUL big sister… Continue reading Look Out World! She’s 21! 

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Meditating with my Gnomie!

I have a weird sense of humor. I laugh out loud at commercials. My mom said when I was little I would run from the next room, just to watch my favorites, and then go back to play. My youngest son will watch me, not the TV, waiting for me to start howling laughing on… Continue reading Meditating with my Gnomie!

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In Case of Zom-bees!

I have always been a little afraid of the dark. My grandparent’s house had a long hallway that stretched the length of the house and the light switches were at either end. At night, that hallway was pitch black. My grandfather would wait at the end of the hall until you were halfway, switch the… Continue reading In Case of Zom-bees!

Art Journal

🎶You are my Sunshine!🎶

This was Little Eudie… I knew her as Grandma Judy. She grew up during the Depression on a plantation in North Louisiana near Shreveport.She sang on KWKH radio in the 1930’s before it was Louisiana Hayride, and they changed her name from Eudie to Judy! She became an Air Force wife, after marrying my Cajun… Continue reading 🎶You are my Sunshine!🎶

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Imagine Sunflowers!

A few weeks ago, I was a guest blogger at Club Scrap. I decided at the last minute to film a quick video to go with my post.  I spent the last four years shooting and videoing high school football and baseball games. I will miss doing it and wanted to test out my skills filming my… Continue reading Imagine Sunflowers!

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Que sera, sera…

🎶Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see, que sera, sera🎶 When life gives you lemons, make lemonade (or pretty things!). The epitome of careless and free…kitten heels with feathers and flowers! I always wanted some feathery heels like that… I’m a HUGE klutz though, and that would be an accident waiting… Continue reading Que sera, sera…