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Happy Camper

The new Cupcake Inspirations Challenge is up and it’s a color theme! This was a good opportunity for me to play with some of my neglected supplies. I pulled out my Perfect Medium and some coordinating Perfect Pearls for dusting and created this fun card! (All available supplies will be listed at the end of… Continue reading Happy Camper

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STOP and Smell the Roses!

My grandfather always had roses in his garden. Red ones, and they smelled good too! He also planted climbing roses that grew up around the front porch. (My dad is the handsome teenager on the right!) When I was little, I would sit on the porch and pop off the thorns on the stems and he… Continue reading STOP and Smell the Roses!

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Sorry about the mess, but we LIVE here!

I live in a frat house. Not really, but it feels like it sometimes! Two sons, a cousin, my husband and the dog. All male. I am the odd “man” out! I have to say that they are all pretty awesome housemates, though I am sure I get on their nerves with my constant nagging… Continue reading Sorry about the mess, but we LIVE here!

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Color Me Happy! 

I joined a photography challenge on January 1 called The Great 365 Project hosted on Diane Downs’ photography website/blog and started posting my photos on Instagram . The January 18 daily prompt was “multiple” and I had just received my essential oils and bamboo diffuser from UPS! Don’t you love this essential oil storage box ? I was really surprised… Continue reading Color Me Happy! 

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Toucan Play at THAT Game! 

This was Eudie and Bert. Eudie was my Grandma, Aunt Bert was her older sister. Aunt Bert only had one  child, who she affectionately called “Son”. Grandma, on the other hand, had 9 children and 27 grandchildren. Boy,  Aunt Bert liked all the action at my Grandma’s when she’d come visit! Only problem was that they… Continue reading Toucan Play at THAT Game! 

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Say Cheese!

This CA-RAY-ZEE had a birthday yesterday! I liked the birthday card I sent her so much, I just had to make another one like it for the Cupcake Inspirations Challenge starting today! The sponsor for this week’s color challenge is Lawn Fawn and they are generously providing a prize of a stamp set and 6×6 pad to our… Continue reading Say Cheese!

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♫ It’s Carnival Time!♫♪

Louisiana carnival season has begun! January 6 is called Epiphany or Twelfth Night (since it’s twelve days after Christmas) or Kings Day (hence the King Cake tie-in?). It marks the moment in the Bible that the three kings arrived in Bethlehem to behold the baby Jesus. Traditionally, Epiphany is considered the last day of the… Continue reading ♫ It’s Carnival Time!♫♪

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Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for a lot of things in my life, even the bad things. The bad things made me a better person and appreciate the good things even more. I must have done something right, because the universe rewarded me. These people make me believe there is good in the world and to “Be the Good”!… Continue reading Giving Thanks

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The Little Book of Gratitude

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” A.A. Milne Babies, sweet memories, beauty in nature, a loving touch…We get so busy with our everyday lives that we forget to appreciate the beauty around us…the leaves changing, spending time with those we love, just being still. In the spirit of Thanksgiving… Continue reading The Little Book of Gratitude

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You Say Witch Like It’s a Bad Thing!

My sister would fling this childish insult at me when I would pull big sister rank on her as children, “You are a witch with a “B””! I was a good kid most of the time, but we all have a dark side…MUHAHAHAHAHA! Not all witches are bad. There’s Wendy the Good Witch from Marvel Comics,… Continue reading You Say Witch Like It’s a Bad Thing!