Southern Girls Challenge · Team Trace

That’s One Sharp Set of Cards!

A few years ago I bought a bunch of indoor cacti and succulents for my home and office window sills. I have quite a collection now and they are so much fun to grow and admire. The window sill in my operatory at work is full and they are popular with my patients, especially the… Continue reading That’s One Sharp Set of Cards!

Cupcake Inspirations Challenge · Cupcake Inspirations DT

Time for Tea

It took me a long time to learn to like hot tea. I like the ceremony of it. But, tea is not for impatient people. There is a process to making a good cup and it shouldn’t be rushed.  However, I am not a patient person. I’m especially not patient in the morning when I… Continue reading Time for Tea

JFF Design Team · JFF Monthly Challenge

Sorry about the mess, but we LIVE here!

I live in a frat house. Not really, but it feels like it sometimes! Two sons, a cousin, my husband and the dog. All male. I am the odd “man” out! I have to say that they are all pretty awesome housemates, though I am sure I get on their nerves with my constant nagging… Continue reading Sorry about the mess, but we LIVE here!