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You Say Witch Like It’s a Bad Thing!

My sister would fling this childish insult at me when I would pull big sister rank on her as children, “You are a witch with a “B””! I was a good kid most of the time, but we all have a dark side…MUHAHAHAHAHA! Not all witches are bad. There’s Wendy the Good Witch from Marvel Comics,… Continue reading You Say Witch Like It’s a Bad Thing!

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Les Chats Noirs!

I haven’t decorated for Halloween in a few years. I always decorated when my boys were little, but when my youngest started high school and then football started…well, decorating for holidays took a back seat! I was inspired to decorate this year after I received my Just For Fun Rubber Stamps (JFFRS) in the mail. These two are… Continue reading Les Chats Noirs!

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They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore!

In 1979, I was in the fourth grade. We had just moved home to Alexandria and I was making new friends. I joined the Girl Scouts troop at my elementary school and started attending the meetings. Mind you, I am NOT the outdoorsy type. I don’t mind camping as long as I can shower, but… Continue reading They’re Not Just For Kids Anymore!

Card Sketch Challenges

The Evolution of a Card

We like to celebrate birthdays at our office. Who doesn’t like cake and dip?! Shirley has a knack for birthday decor, and her chicken dip is DIVINE. It was a “bon voyage” birthday party! Karlyn’s going cruising in style with a monogrammed bag full of goodies and gift certificate for a mani/pedi! It all started with… Continue reading The Evolution of a Card

Card Sketch Challenges

Look Out World! She’s 21! 

21 is a HUGE milestone. It means you are an ADULT and no longer dependent on your parents, AND you can legally buy alcohol, drink it and go to the casino. Hmmmmm…turning 21 can get you in trouble! This sweet little angel turned 21 yesterday! She’s kind, smart, funny and she’s  a WONDERFUL big sister… Continue reading Look Out World! She’s 21! 

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Pepe Le BOO!

This is Pepe Le BOO!   He’s a distant relative of the famous Pepe Le Pew. You remember him? The amorous French skunk continuously in search of romance, but his scent, self-delusion, and overly persistent manner inhibit his efforts? These family traits were passed on to Pepe Le BOO, but with a slight mutation.  He,… Continue reading Pepe Le BOO!

Card Sketch Challenges

Meditating with my Gnomie!

I have a weird sense of humor. I laugh out loud at commercials. My mom said when I was little I would run from the next room, just to watch my favorites, and then go back to play. My youngest son will watch me, not the TV, waiting for me to start howling laughing on… Continue reading Meditating with my Gnomie!